"Today I am going through old boxes filled with newspaper clippings, pictures, and documents from high school. The last stack I pulled had my Dollars for Scholars recipient certificates. I am pretty sure that I have my mother to thank for the collection of items.

I was reviewing one of the many scholarship applications I wrote. This one in particular explained my financial need and where I proudly shared that I had personally saved $1400 of my own money at the time for college. Pennies really when it came to the big picture of paying for college. My folks were able to help me out a little, but it really was income from working through college and scholarships like Dollars for Scholars that helped make college a reality.

Much gratitude for that gift and much gratitude for the work you all do to continue supporting Yelm students with their continued educational endeavors."

-Class of 2000 Scholarship Recipient



If you are a past Yelm Dollars for Scholars recipient, would you like to share your success story?

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