Class of 2023 Recipients

To claim your scholarship, complete the:

and submit it no later than June 1st, 2025.  (You now have 2 years in which to claim your scholarships which is a change from previous guidelines.)

Funds will be sent directly to your school's financial aid office once the claim form is received and you have shown that you are currently enrolled.

If you can't use your scholarship(s) right away, you must submit a letter to the Dollars for Scholars Committee requesting a deferral by the same deadline of June 1st, 2025. Some reasons to request a deferral: Military service, other year of service, deferred school for a quarter/semester or year due to unusual circumstances, aid at your school was reduced because you received so many scholarships and would like to use your scholarship in a later year, etc. 

You can email the committee at if you need assistance. You can also contact Mrs. Mathis in the Career Center at YHS with questions about claiming scholarships or deferrals.